“Skippy” … A Soul Connection


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I’m sharing stories I’ve personally experienced with connections to Spirit and the affirmations they bring into my life and the lives of clients.  In doing so, I hope you recognize ways God/Spirit is connecting with you.  Little signs of intuition, a premonition, a whisper or a nudge, a sign of synchronicity, a dream … there are many ways we are shown signs that can protect us, reassure us, or bring us peace.

I understand – ‘Oh, that’s just your imagination!’, ‘Don’t go there ….’, ‘Are you kidding me?’!  I’ve thought those things, too.  Over the years, these connections have become a part of my life.  Sometimes, a part of someone else’s life ….

Skippy …

Before a client comes, I settle into quiet meditation/prayer.  It helps me bring into greater awareness of Spirit/God and the client coming in.  One early afternoon, after centering/quiet time with a client, I began my energy session with her on the massage table.  I had barely started, and in my mind’s eye, there was a smallish brown mutt of a dog that was jumping on my leg and then jumping and skipping around the table – one energetic little mutt, for sure.  Sometimes, he jumped high enough to reach the top of the massage table – and did his best to distract me.  I was just beginning to be brave enough to share things I ‘saw’ with clients – but that day, I wasn’t brave enough and didn’t say anything to her about it.  We finished our time together and she left.

A few weeks later, she came in for another session.  Guess what?  The little brown mutt of a dog was back.  I knew from the last time, this little guy was going to be persistent.  It was obvious, he wanted to be seen AND acknowledged.  I took a breath, and told my client I had something to share with her and she could take it or leave it – no worries there!  Then I told her about this little brown mutt of a dog, skipping around the table like crazy.  She burst into tears.  She shared her story – a bit of it summed up here – When she was a little girl growing up, she had a little brown mutt.  They loved each other to pieces.  That dog went with her, everywhere.  He listened to her stories, he knew her friends and family, he knew her secrets, he knew her best of anyone.  He was her faithful companion, indeed.  And …

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… His name was Skippy.

I laughed out loud!  Skippy – of course!!

She was so happy to know he was there with her.  For the rest of the session, Skippy sat calmly on the floor.  No more jumping and skipping around.  There was just a wonderful sense of contentment and quiet joy – for both of them.

Skippy never made his presence known to me after that.  And, it’s ok.  It was the first time an animal had ‘come through’ for me.  I’m so grateful, I threw fear out the window. It was important I shared seeing Skippy with my client.

It was a gift for all 3 of us.

Skippy was a Soul Connection for her.  Yes, he is her dog.  And, it’s ok …

Spirit/God doesn’t limit love and connections with only people!

As I’ve shared in the past, stories connect us, and help us realize how amazing life is on so many levels.  You may get nudges, or hear the whispers of Spirit/God, you may not.  I don’t know when/if I will get insight, or a word, or image on any given day, week, month. It’s ok.  We’re all here, sharing the journey … quirky and amazing as it is!

Blessings and Love,



Guardian Angels

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Our Guardian Angels are always close by. Let’s start our week by acknowledging them and asking them to help us through the week … and then … paying attention to the signs and whispers they give us, as messengers from God.
It’s ok to ask for help and guidance … and a big part is trust. As many of you know … sometimes, I’m quite specific with my requests. One time, I had asked for an answer to a particular situation I was dealing with. This time, I didn’t ask for an ‘Please deliver it in black and white/’cause sometimes I need it that clear’ answer, but ‘flowers – by 5pm on Friday, if it’s for my highest good’ answer. (I never tell anyone about these requests, it’s between God and the Angels).
Guess what? Before Friday, a friend was stopping by. She knocked on the door holding one of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers I had ever seen. She said, ‘I know this sounds weird, but on my way over, it popped into my head to stop at a flower shop … I didn’t want to, because I knew it would make me late, but I ended up going around the block and back to the flower shop I had just driven by. Here. These are for you!” I cried. Yep, often I do – It was a beautiful answer to prayer. My friend was the messenger from God/Spirit/Angels. SHE listened. SHE followed through with the prompting. SHE delivered.
So, this week, I encourage you to be open to your Angels.  Ask.  Notice the signs. Trust.
Wishing you Blessings and Love,

Is Your Light a Flicker?

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Some days … our energy is only a flicker.  Jumping into the day with enthusiasm and gusto is as easy as climbing Mount Everest.  The thing of it is … you’re here and so is your Light.  Flickering or glowing bright, you and your Divine Light impact so many people.  You are red carpet status to them, just by being you.  Nothing to prove.  Nothing to perfect.

Divine Light is energy and it permeates everything – no matter if it’s a flicker or a glow.  Embrace It.   Embrace You.  Sometimes we aren’t aware of this presence – I call Spirit/God.  Even if we don’t recognize or see this incredible part of our Being, doesn’t mean it’s not there.  There are lots of things in this world we don’t see – but the power of the energy created is undeniable.

You make our world brighter and lighter.

Dance on that red carpet, or simply tap your toes …

I’m grateful for your Light!

Blessings and Love,



Sharing Mother Nature’s Beauty & Love

20180614_065005_HDR_Signature_SignatureTree Spirit Dreams

I have an affinity for Tree Spirit Dreams.  Nature inspires me and restores me.  Whenever I am feeling out-of-sorts, or need a pick-me-up, a walk outside, with grass, trees, lakes, rivers, and gardens, absolutely fills me up.  Being open, allows dreams to begin.  Once dreams begin … anything can happen!

Tree Spirit Dreams was birthed with bark from a tree in my backyard that had died.  Sage from a walk, pinecones from one of my pine trees, tiny branches from the backyard crabapple tree. The feather was left outside my door … I always think of my Mom when I’m gifted feathers!  Moss from here and there.  The dreamcatcher was from a discarded earring – a perfect fit!  Her headdress is a delicate copper chain (great healing properties) with wooden beads and turquoise stones.  She is 10 inches from bottom to tip-top, hanging from a hemp string.  Even during meditation, she helps to ground me.  She’s way prettier in person!

20180620_073047_HDR_Signature_480x874Talking Stick – Tell Me Your Story

When I found this stick up on the shores of Lake Superior, I was mesmerized.  What stories are held within?  I wanted to enhance the beauty of the stick, allowing it to be held, the energies felt, and encourage the holder to bring their story to light.  The break of the stick was perfect for placing a face, a bit of bark is on top of head and strings of wood and turquoise beads (speak your truth) are the headdress, the moss creates a sense of flow.  This piece holds both feminine and masculine energies and is about 7.5inches tall.  Great for a Circle of Sharing.  What a treasure from Mother Nature!


This is the 2nd incarnation of Beyou.  Initially, Beyou was wrapped in needle felted wool woven with yellow, green, orange, white, pink colors and moss interspersed.  After a few days of Being unsettled … I released Beyou from the blanketed wool wrap, added stones, driftwood and moss … and the freedom was a delight!  Beyou is easily held at about 7inches long, the crystal adds energy and encourages the holder to release whatever is binding you from your authentic self … and BE YOU!

Ever-so-grateful for the guidance of Spirit/God in the continued birthing of Spirit Dolls.  Thank you for being a part of the unfolding!




Meet Sofiya & Dochas …


Spirit Doll – Sofiya

Sofiya is a Croation name – Meaning Wisdom.  She started with a meditation, then a trip to my backyard’s crabapple tree – I wanted something with tiny branches – and then the perfect driftwood for her body – a heart – multi wool colors of purple (Wisdom/Spirit – 7th Chakra), deep blue (Intuition – 6th Chakra) and teal (Speaking Your Truth – 5th Chakra), with gentle curl white wool for her hair, speckles of moss, and amethyst stones embracing the energies of Spirit in meditation, calming, intuition … Here is how she began:


I needle felted all the wool to make her dress and matching scarf.  And then she began to come together.  Sofiya was very easy and calming to birth.  Gentle.  Strong.  Wise.  Calm.  She’s easy to hold in your hand … you feel her supporting you!  Sweet.

And then there is …

Dochas – Meaning “Hope” – Bringing Faith to the Future.  She has very curly wool for hair, a feather and tiny Lake Superior stone to hold it in place, along with a variety of wool colors needle felted with moss interspersed.  Her heart is a bigger Lake Superior stone and when held, your thumb fits perfectly on her heart.  I gifted Dochas to a wonderful friend who calls in a Circle of Women for meditation and sharing up here in the North Country.  I think the symbolism matches beautifully.  Spirit’s having so much fun with this!  Meet Dochas:


I’m enjoying sharing their stories with you … And grateful to Spirit and  Mother Nature’s generosity in their creations.



My Trip to Nepal ~ Journal Entry #2 … Planning

Welcome!  This continues to be the unfolding of experiences … and I haven’t even left home yet!

When Kyung  asked me to go to Nepal … the first image that came to me was the immersion of BEing in an ancient spiritual vortex, surrounded with kindness and joy.  The feeling was peaceful. I hang on to that, when I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed.  I’m a “Cancer” … home is where I nest … I’ve done limited traveling and never out of the country. The longest trip was 2 weeks. Generally I go for 4 days/3 overnights.  Now it’s for nearly a month and far, far from home.  I’ve been amazed at how Synchronicity/Spirit has played a part in the easing of concerns that peek through the corners of my sometime, overactive brain:

  • No vaccinations needed.
  • I thought I’d be travelling alone alone to Nepal.  Recently, Kyung was told she needed to attend a conference in Washington, DC in September.  So … in a delightful message, I was told I’d be travelling back to Nepal with her and William.  Yay and whew!
  • My daughter, Jessica, works in the travel industry.  She’s not able to come along, but is delighted to do my travel bookings, getting details about insurance, being my personal drop-off/pick-up service at the airport, shopper extraordinaire regarding “William’s List”, and all around support system.  She and my niece, Ana and friend, Leslie, have been fabulous ; )
  • I was sharing with a younger friend about leaving work and home and everything familiar behind for an adventure.  She said, “Wow, if you want a travel companion – I’d go with you!”  Really!  Kyung said they had room for a guest, and after sending her flight details with my only request being she be on the same flight home with me … she’s booked, nearly packed, and a very seasoned international traveler.  She’s about my daughter’s age, with a “Why not!?” attitude, and easy-going.  I look forward to getting to know her better … she’s going to be so good for me!  Her name is Amy.


  • William wrote out a list of suggested items to bring.   He’s going to be awesome to spend time with.  Huge kind heart, and already knows so many people in Kathmandu.  He’s athletic.  I’m not. so. much.  He’s excited to share places to go and says we’ll take it slow and easy.  Especially with higher altitudes and me having a heart attack a couple of years ago.  (Gold Star – GO – from Cardiologist!)  Here’s “William’s List”:


  • A totally fun and amazing story:  Knowing there will be many, MANY hours in-flight, I wanted a great book to read.  A real one.  One to hold on to, turn the pages, fold the corners, pause and think about.  Easy to carry and take me someplace else – other than on the airplane.  I thought, “I’d love to get my hands on Hundred Miles to Nowhere – An Unlikely Love Story, by Elisa Korenne.”  Her just released book was popping up on Facebook, she’s local AND a musician.  I made a mental note to purchase it before leaving.  A few days later, before going to bed, I checked my email and there was a note from the husband of one of my Book Club Gals. Earlier in the afternoon, he had put a book in my blue post mailbox.  He had met the author a few years ago, and included a couple of CD’s … perhaps the Book Club Gals would enjoy it, too.  Yes, indeed, it was THE BOOK!  Elisa was going to be at a local event through the Crossing Arts Alliance.  I went and met her, and through subsequent conversations, realized she knew and sang with my brother, Jake Endres, now with The Rose Ensemble.  “I had the pleasure of performing with him almost ten years ago, and fell in love with your niece Annabelle. Something she said actually became the title and chorus of my song “Keep It In My Heart”. Say hi to Jake from me when you see him!”


So … along this journey, you will see Hundred Miles to Nowhere, propped up, set down – here and there – following me in my travels.  What fun for both of us!!

20170909_110659 (1)

… Starting the Journey … In my own back yard!

It also became very clear to me, that I will be totally taken care of throughout these few months of prep and experience.  Synchronicity and Spirit have been wonderfully reassuring!  (As well as friends and fambly!)

xoxox ~ Debbie