Kathmandu … Here We Come! #4


We’re off!

First stop: Dubai


The sun was streaming through the windows as we landed, so I was able to get a sense of the immense desert that ripples in the wind … and the intense morning heat.


Flying into Dubai

About 34 hours after leaving Washington DC we arrived in Kathmandu.  The morning after, we enjoyed coffee and breakfast a few steps from the apartment: Top of the World Coffee is a favorite, already!

Debbie's Mandala Nepal#1 036

William took Amy and me out on a trek around the neighborhood, across the river from Kathmandu.  People are kind.  Traffic is crazy – really.  USA metro traffic has nothing on these drivers.  Lots of horns, scooters, with sometimes 3 people riding, bicycles that are also used for various transportation of goods needed.  The streets are narrow, sometimes hard surfaced, sometimes not.  Shops line the streets, often the shop owners sit outside their doors to greet you when you walk by, with a welcoming, “Namaste”.

Palace of Dreams 003

Refrigerator being delivered.

Debbie's Mandala Nepal#1 043

New construction – bamboo scaffolding.

Palace of Dreams 052

Amy in Thamel – Incredible Shopping Experience!

Thursday, we girls went to Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu. Words can’t describe the beauty.  Such a peaceful place within a bustling city.  Here are a few favorite pictures:

Palace of Dreams 007

Palace of Dreams 004

Palace of Dreams 046

Palace of Dreams 043

Palace of Dreams 042

We were encouraged by Kyung and William to look into a private tour package and are waiting for some details …. hmmm … I’ll keep you posted!

I could not have dreamed a dream this BIG!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and best wishes …

Sending Love to All ~ Debbie


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