1st Leg of the Journey #3

1st Leg …

Daughter Jessica dropped me off at the Humphrey Terminal, and when checking out the ticket, realized I was PreChecked, and had the benefit of expedited lines, no shoes off – Yay!  Kyung and William met me at the airport in Washington DC, Friday night and despite them both recovering from colds/flu, we had a busy weekend.  Kyung had friends to meet, people she has worked with in her industry.  I was invited to join them –  who can say no to meeting brilliant women?!  All 3 women travel internationally with work, sometimes with children and spouses … and it was fascinating to listen to the stories shared.  The level of commitment these women have in making a difference in the world is remarkable – I enjoyed every minute!

We also took time for massages … and I will be seeking  great places/individuals for massage and Reiki in Kathmandu – if any of you have recommendations, let me know! (This is one of the things so awesome about blogging – you meet people from all over the world!)

We finished our stay with a great night at Palm Restaurant, celebrating William’s Mom and her birthday next month.  Kyung said to pay attention to the wide streets, bright lights and the lack of litter, as soon we will be immersed in the city of Kathmandu.  I was touched by the number of homeless people I saw in WDC.  My leftovers were shared with one woman who had a beautiful heart.


We need to get some sleep and  head to the airport by 6:30am tomorrow!  Flight to Dubai takes off at 10am ….


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