My Trip to Nepal ~ Journal Entry #2 … Planning

Welcome!  This continues to be the unfolding of experiences … and I haven’t even left home yet!

When Kyung  asked me to go to Nepal … the first image that came to me was the immersion of BEing in an ancient spiritual vortex, surrounded with kindness and joy.  The feeling was peaceful. I hang on to that, when I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed.  I’m a “Cancer” … home is where I nest … I’ve done limited traveling and never out of the country. The longest trip was 2 weeks. Generally I go for 4 days/3 overnights.  Now it’s for nearly a month and far, far from home.  I’ve been amazed at how Synchronicity/Spirit has played a part in the easing of concerns that peek through the corners of my sometime, overactive brain:

  • No vaccinations needed.
  • I thought I’d be travelling alone alone to Nepal.  Recently, Kyung was told she needed to attend a conference in Washington, DC in September.  So … in a delightful message, I was told I’d be travelling back to Nepal with her and William.  Yay and whew!
  • My daughter, Jessica, works in the travel industry.  She’s not able to come along, but is delighted to do my travel bookings, getting details about insurance, being my personal drop-off/pick-up service at the airport, shopper extraordinaire regarding “William’s List”, and all around support system.  She and my niece, Ana and friend, Leslie, have been fabulous ; )
  • I was sharing with a younger friend about leaving work and home and everything familiar behind for an adventure.  She said, “Wow, if you want a travel companion – I’d go with you!”  Really!  Kyung said they had room for a guest, and after sending her flight details with my only request being she be on the same flight home with me … she’s booked, nearly packed, and a very seasoned international traveler.  She’s about my daughter’s age, with a “Why not!?” attitude, and easy-going.  I look forward to getting to know her better … she’s going to be so good for me!  Her name is Amy.


  • William wrote out a list of suggested items to bring.   He’s going to be awesome to spend time with.  Huge kind heart, and already knows so many people in Kathmandu.  He’s athletic.  I’m not. so. much.  He’s excited to share places to go and says we’ll take it slow and easy.  Especially with higher altitudes and me having a heart attack a couple of years ago.  (Gold Star – GO – from Cardiologist!)  Here’s “William’s List”:


  • A totally fun and amazing story:  Knowing there will be many, MANY hours in-flight, I wanted a great book to read.  A real one.  One to hold on to, turn the pages, fold the corners, pause and think about.  Easy to carry and take me someplace else – other than on the airplane.  I thought, “I’d love to get my hands on Hundred Miles to Nowhere – An Unlikely Love Story, by Elisa Korenne.”  Her just released book was popping up on Facebook, she’s local AND a musician.  I made a mental note to purchase it before leaving.  A few days later, before going to bed, I checked my email and there was a note from the husband of one of my Book Club Gals. Earlier in the afternoon, he had put a book in my blue post mailbox.  He had met the author a few years ago, and included a couple of CD’s … perhaps the Book Club Gals would enjoy it, too.  Yes, indeed, it was THE BOOK!  Elisa was going to be at a local event through the Crossing Arts Alliance.  I went and met her, and through subsequent conversations, realized she knew and sang with my brother, Jake Endres, now with The Rose Ensemble.  “I had the pleasure of performing with him almost ten years ago, and fell in love with your niece Annabelle. Something she said actually became the title and chorus of my song “Keep It In My Heart”. Say hi to Jake from me when you see him!”


So … along this journey, you will see Hundred Miles to Nowhere, propped up, set down – here and there – following me in my travels.  What fun for both of us!!

20170909_110659 (1)

… Starting the Journey … In my own back yard!

It also became very clear to me, that I will be totally taken care of throughout these few months of prep and experience.  Synchronicity and Spirit have been wonderfully reassuring!  (As well as friends and fambly!)

xoxox ~ Debbie

3 thoughts on “My Trip to Nepal ~ Journal Entry #2 … Planning

  1. So enjoy reading all your preparations/musings, etc, How wonderful you have a traveling companion too! I read A Hundred Miles to Nowhere and loved it since I lived in NYC for 2 years and know NY Mills as my brother lives near Perham and I have been to a number of events in NY Mills. I am so happy that you are having this world travel experience and know you will be blessed by all the encounters and happenings and connections.

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  2. Well, how sweet! Yes, Elisa did the Election show with me in Door County in the fall of ’08. Annabelle came out with me for a week of shows (she was not yet 4) and those two ladies fell in love with each other. It might have had to do with Annabelle always wearing her Snow White dress. But I didn’t know she had inspired that song for Elisa! We’ll have to get that! Thanks for sharing this lovely story, and keep having fun getting ready! Love, JLAG


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