Small-town Me, ventures out of my own back yard … Jotting down the memories of travel to Nepal.


I’m using this blog to help me treasure the experiences I will have with this adventure.  You are welcomed into the following pages … where I have not a clue as to what will unfold … only that I am extremely fortunate to be gifted this trip by my sister.  To live it with her, is the best gift of all.


I have a most amazing sister.  She has spent most of her life doing international consulting with a company she developed called,  True Panacea.  Our “Fambly” (the unique name we’ve given ourselves), adopted Kyung from Korea 2 weeks before she turned a year old.  I am her 15 years older, “Big Sister”, and was able to go with Dad to Chicago to pick her up.  Mom stayed home because she was 8 months pregnant with our baby brother, Jake.  When the Social Worker put Kyung in Dad’s arms, Kyung wrapped her arms tight around his neck, and quiet tears streamed down his cheeks.  In that moment, she physically captured the heart of our collective fambly. Soulfully, she had done it with the first photo we received from the agency.

When Kyung graduated from Hamline University, as she walked across the stage to get her diploma, I put my hand to my heart and thanked her never found Birth-Mother, for the incredible love and hope she must have had in giving her daughter away.  How proud she would be!  Again, when she received her degrees from Johns Hopkins in Biology and Public Health, my heart was filled with so much gratitude … this little girl all grown up and making such an imprint on the world.

Kyung has lived all over the world.  Mostly in Africa, some time in Haiti, Korea and now in Nepal.  When she and William were home for the holiday’s she asked me if I’d come and spend time with her … once everything was cleared for me medically … the answer was … YES!  Yikes! Oh my goodness … now what do I do?!

The Folks 050

A fun photo of us a few years ago.  Love her t-shirt!

The top photo: From Getty Images:  Thamel Street Scene in Kathmandu

Stay Tuned to: Planning Details …



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