Take a Breath & Try …

I have the most amazing ladies in my Book Club.  We’re unconventional, and eclectic and meet twice a month, simply because we marvel in each other’s company.  Sometimes we read a book and it will last for months, because we read a few chapters at a time and then share our thoughts and experiences.  Once, we took turns reading aloud, Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It took a while, but we loved it, and followed up with visiting The Charles A Lindbergh Historic Site in Little Falls, MN and a fabulous lunch.  We’ve recently been watching inspirational TED Talks together and listen to speakers who challenge our way of thinking and affirm to us, how amazing we truly are.

Our latest book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  We took a month to read it and a month of discussion – along with our own “Show & Tell”.  We challenged each other to share ways Big Magic has shown up in our lives.  We have writers, artists with a variety of mediums, story-tellers, photographers, travelers, builders, gardeners, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters … I did say amazing ladies, didn’t I?  We’re breaking through fear barriers, sharing with each other, as we take a breath & try whatever inspirational thought = action happens to nudge us.  Those fear barriers … “What will people think of me?” … “I’m not good enough.” … are being tossed to the curb, and we find ourselves (I find myself), nearly giddy with the joy of doing for no other reason than joy!

One of my Big Magic moments happened yesterday.  First, a little history: My Grandma Grace was an artist – oil, acrylic and water color and painted until her passing at 93.  My mom took an art class in her 60’s and enjoyed her assignments, partly because she had to “make time to play”.  Dad made her an oak drawing table, so there was a designated space to create – she loved the time she lost, as she watched her creations unfold.  I have recently acquired her drawing table!  (It was stored away after she crossed over). In the last month, I have pulled out her and Grandma Grace’s art books, paint brushes, pencils, various types of paper and canvases.  I’ve looked at them, for weeks, neatly scattered in my den, trying not to be intimidated – ha!

Yesterday, I heard the words, “Take a breath & try …”

And so I did!


Letting go of fear … (I’m sharing with you) … and being giddy with the joy of creating.  Not for money, or recognition, but simply honoring my Spirit, who always wants to guide and cheer me on – whether I’m ready or not!

Today, I encourage you to be open to magical moments.  Listen to Spirit’s nudges and then,  “Take a breath & try …”

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